Jun. 3rd, 2007

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We're here and it's lovely. The weather has been moderately warm (70s) and, to my LA sensitivities, quite humid. The locals assure me that this is not at all humid, which is somewhat worrisome. It was so humid yesterday that it rained several times in the afternoon. And it was the kind of rain that doesn't really bring the temperature down so much as bring the humidity up. I really like it.

Special message to [livejournal.com profile] markcronan It's just like Oregon. You're going to love it here. Every time rwr and I see something that's like Oregon we say "Mark will really like this." :-) You and [livejournal.com profile] melodymuse will have a terrific time when you come visit.
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We had dinner with the department chair and it was fun. He and his spouse and their daughter were delightful hosts and the meal was spectacular. The chair was very genuine and compassion about our situation and how excited he is that rwr took the position. It makes me happy to see rwr appreciated for his talents and gifts. I'm proud of him and happy for his new situation here.
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Finding a living situation has been a bit challenging. There are few
apartments and no complexes like there are in LA. The few apartments are
geared toward students. There are loads of condos and duplexes but they
don't want to rent to people with pets. At first we just said "ok, thanks"
and moved down the list but that list got very short after only a little
while so now rwr is being more cajoling about how our kitties are just
sweet, indoor, fixed, harmless, furry sleeping things that would never harm
a screen or floor. Tomorrow we have three more places to view. The ones
today were either too far from town (really, seriously out in the country)
or too dark. The dark one was a basement type apartment with a very
interested and involved landlady. But it was so dark and deary in the
basement. On Monday we have two more, so I'm still optimistic that we can
find something without having to buy a condo in order to have our kitties
live in NC.


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