Jul. 26th, 2007

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We are here in North Carolina, where it has been unseasonably cool. It was in the low 50s the other night! We brought only summer weight clothes and sheets, so we had to go to JC Penney to buy fleece blankets. There has been thunder, lightning and rain every day since we arrived. The weather is very dramatic and the temperture can change 20 degrees in less than an hour. It's a shock to our Angelo systems. The kitties are adjusting to thunder, though pretty much they hates it.

Our departure went well all because of the love and support we received from our beloved friends and family. We have the best friends and family on this entire planet. We would never have gotten out of the apartment, let alone on the plane, without their support and help. Meg, Susan, Mark, and Melody were there for all the painful decisions (and packing and cleaning and general support) and held our hands and made the transition possible. Rwr and I treasure the love and support we have been given.

Our kitties are fantastic travelers. They were excellent on the plane and through the entire TSA process. I was surprised at how good natured they were about traveling. They made very little noise, had no accidents, and took all the various vehicle changes with their faces pressed against their bags to see what was going to happen next. They were amazing. They'll probably regret that as they are driven from Florida to North Carolina and back over the next few years.

We have internet and cable. This is especially good because tomorrow is the premiere of Who Wants To Be A Superhero Season II and [livejournal.com profile] melodymuse is on the show. DO NOT MISS IT!!! I am so excited to see the show.

There are other things to update about and to describe but I am too tired for more just now. Plus I have 10 days of my flist to catch up on!! I promise more, including pics of the place and the kitties, and the beautiful NC greens.


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