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We're here and it's lovely. The weather has been moderately warm (70s) and, to my LA sensitivities, quite humid. The locals assure me that this is not at all humid, which is somewhat worrisome. It was so humid yesterday that it rained several times in the afternoon. And it was the kind of rain that doesn't really bring the temperature down so much as bring the humidity up. I really like it.

Special message to [ profile] markcronan It's just like Oregon. You're going to love it here. Every time rwr and I see something that's like Oregon we say "Mark will really like this." :-) You and [ profile] melodymuse will have a terrific time when you come visit.
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We're off to NC in order to find a new place to put our books. I'm taking a camera and will post pictures and update about our adventures in NC living.
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There are many things I should have posted in the past month. March, while seemingly a normal 31 day month, was simultaneously too long and too short. I am amazed by my own state of over-whelmed. I am going to start April off on the right foot (or in my left-centric case, the left foot) and sing some praises of my fantastic friends.

First, I want sing praises of my dear, fantabulous, talented, clever, generous and all-around super friend [ profile] melodymuse. Melody has been making a video blog for BSG called Galactica Viper Pilot. She's put her vids all up on YouTube here. You should watch all her terrific episodes and then go to and see her entry in the Battlestar Galatica Videomaker competition. Her work is outstanding! She's got an ear for the tone of the series and a knack for choosing perfect music for each segment. I am so lucky to be friends with such a talented and delightful person.

The second set of praises I want to sing out is for my far away friend [ profile] therienne. Her vigilant research about the pet food tragedy of the past week or so has been a real service to all the pet lovers on her flist. Her collection of links and information really helped me 1) calm down and 2) make good decisions about changing Asha and Vahti's food. My petfood company said they were "not involved" but they use Menu Foods and, I learned from [ profile] therienne's links and not from their website, they are owned by Purina. The links she provides have terrific information about pet food contents and the process of making pet food, especially The Pet Food List. There are several different companies that I found intriguing and went looking for their food. Some are in Canada and only available by mail order and I'll try one of them if the local brand turns out to be unpalatable for my feline companions. Yesterday we began the painful transition (we hates changes, even if they're good for us, we hates them) from one food to another. The new food, Felidae is made from human quality meat with no wheat gluten. I now know what an "obligate carnivore" is and, while they are not the happiest obligate carnivores around, they are eating better food. I so appreciate having [ profile] therienne as a resource and a friend.

There's more but since I am vowing to post more, I shall wait and post more tomorrow (cross your fingers).


Dec. 19th, 2006 05:45 pm
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We are all still recovering from our various maladies. Asha and Vati are (finally!) mostly sleepy and inactive. We have hidden their post in the bathroom, the only room that can be secured against kitten incursions. I am still sniffing and sneezing around, feeling achy and out of sorts. The three of us can relate. Rwr is doing ok, napping to stave off the germs and hopefully avoid the holiday break cold.

Thank all of you for your support during the post-spay freakage. That was really horrendous and I appreciated the comments and emails. If you have to take your kitty some place that stresses her or him out, I really recommend Richard's Organics Pet Calm. It's like a shot of chamomile beer for your kitty. It certainly slowed Asha and Vati down during the worst of the freaking. They are tender and healing slowly but healing. They really miss their post and, having discovered it's in the bathroom, scheme about how to sneak in when one of use has ducked in to use the facilities.

I hope all the Pacific Northwesterners have power and heat. I know it's been a nightmare up there. [ profile] sherrold posted a scary pic from of their (former) eucalyptus tree and wind damage on their property. I hope you're all doing better and staying warm.
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Yesterday Asha and Vati were spayed. I was pretty anxious about the procedure though they both (seem to) have gone through the operation successfully. We brought them home about 6 last night and they were exhausted and thrilled to be home. They were so sedate and out of it that I removed their cones so they could sleep. Which they did, very peacefully and curled up on their bed together for about an hour. It was so sweet. They purred and acted like they both remembered and loved us and were glad to be home. There was general eating and drinking and much lethargic yawning. After an hour and half or so of being the sweetest kitties with shaved bellies on this entire planet, rwr and I settled down to an evening of dozing and keeping an eye on the little ones. We hadn't gotten much sleep the night before primarily because the kitties kept alerting us to the status of their food bowl -- absent -- and their general unhappiness about that situation. However, we were expecting to make up for lost sleep tonight because our kitties were exhausted and (supposed to be) sleeping off the drugs from the vet. So far, their behavior conformed to our general expectation which was reinforced by all we had read on the net and at the vet. Suddenly, with no warning at all, both cats leaped up and started caterwauling and racing around. In the blink of an eye they were transformed into crazy demon kitties. Nothing consoled them, not petting or favorite blankets and toys or even cuddling. We were no longer convinced they either one recognized either of us. Everything I read said they would be out of it and exhausted for 24 to 48 hours. Instead they were more hyper than ever before, racing around, making noises I had never heard from Vati before (Asha was still mostly quiet). By 8:30, after I was at petco, buying sherpa bags, inflatable collars (because reattaching the cones was a joke -- it took Vati 15 seconds to remove hers, even tied as tightly as half a finger give around her neck), collars with bells for reattaching the cones because that was what the emergency vet suggested, and some Organic Cat Be Calm which is essentially chamomile tea for your cat.

The inflatable collar, made for small dogs, was too heavy for their necks, though it did slow down the desire to lick everywhere and most especially the incision and, because it made the kitten top-heavy, stopped the running about. However, since they could barely hold their head up with the inflatable collar one, we took it off. Once ensconced in the sherpa bags, Asha was pretty calm though Vati continued to act like a crazy creature. She ripped up the fluffy bedding, clawed fiercely at the screened sides and cried and cried. This lasted until about 1am. Asha freaked out one time, making little mewling noises I had never heard her make but once released she drank for about 5 minutes and then calmly returned to the bag. We let them out about every 30-45 minutes to eat and drink and offer them each a chance to pee. Then, after shoving them back in the sherpa bag, we spent about 10 minutes calming ourselves down from the spectacle of our freaky kitties snarfing food, drinking gallons of water and trying to climb the tv, the couch, the futon, the toilet, and the post which was on its side to discourage this behavior, our legs, the vet box, you name it, they were trying to climb it. They protested every inch of the way back into the sherpa bag, crying and wailing and generally acting like creatures from Planet Psycho Cat. Finally, about 1 even Vati collapsed for a little sleep and rwr and I divided the night into sleep shifts so we could make sure it was not possible for them to escape and ensure they would not soil themselves in the sherpa carriers.

Nothing prepared me for the out of control kitties they were last night. There was nothing helpful on any kitty board I could find talking about this kind of post-spay behavior. Apparently everyone else's cat IN THE WORLD comes home and sleeps for 2 days before generally acting like stiff and itchy girls. Or, because their cats are trying to destroy the world, other people with this problem don't post to support groups or bulletin boards because the behavior is so distressing while it's happening and completely exhausting once it's over. I totally melted down and sobbed for a while, despairing of this entire enterprise because the vet was closed and the net had nothing to help. Images of their intestines spilling out, aided by stories from the net, were all I could see ending the night of insanity. I know spaying is the right thing to do but there must be a way to do it where the animal isn't a crazy, hallucinating, wild thing afterward. This happened with my boy cats after their snippage but that was nearly 20 years ago and somehow I expected that the anesthesia technology would have advanced. Apparently not. Or I just always have cats with terrible reactions to anesthesia. I did find one little post about kittens hallucinating after anesthesia but that was after an emergency surgery rather than a routine procedure. Still, it helped explain the way Asha and Vati would drink and then smack with surface of the water, shaking their paw as though surprised it had gotten wet.

To add insult to injury, there is a cricket in the apartment. It started chirping about 10 and has added a rhythm track to the general cacophony of cat crying, clawing and licking.

I hope the next two weeks aren't like this. Poor kitties. (Poor us.)
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I'm off to my professional association meeting. It's going to be very hectic this year. The upside is seeing many old friends and colleagues. The downside is a bunch of frantic professional activity, including 4 preliminary interviews with possible employers. Success at these interview means a campus visit -- an even longer interview. My goal is to avoid saying anything stupid, which means I have to avoid trying to be funny. If I can make a good impression, maybe I could get a campus interview. It would be good experience.

Nerves, precious, we hates them.

I'm going to try to write my 100 daily words for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo. I've missed a couple of days because of frantic insanity but have mostly been diligently working on my original fiction project. I'm writing structural stuff for the world I want to build, using Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell as a guide. His thought and writing exercises have really helped me when I get stuck.

I have arranged care and entertainment for the feline contingent.
growing up fast )

Meg is going to do kitty duty (dooty) and make sure the place doesn't get bulldozed while we're away. If only I had Hiro's superpower, then my life would be more complicated but also much cooler.

And speaking of Heroes (my new favorite show) Comic Book Resources is talking with the writing team at Heroes every week. If you're into that kind of thing (podcasts with show runners, what the writers are thinking/hoping their story is about) then it's interesting. I skim because I fear spoilers.

Also, Happy Feet opens Friday. Yay!!!
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I am swamped. I have been swamped. I will continue to be swamped until at least November 1. And just because I have been "enjoying" being swamped I am thinking about particpating in NaNoWriMo this year. I have an idea for a project but I haven't made the time. Waiting for rejection letters seems like a good time to devote to something completely other than academics (provided I finish the projects I'm behind on now.) However, all of that stuff aside, I have to share some pictures. Auntie [ profile] melodymuse gave Asha and Vati a new toy and I just have to post pictures of them playing with in on their post.

kitties on a post! )
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Measuring a cat is harder than you might think. First there's getting them to be still and then there's putting the measuring tape beside the cat without the cat immediately moving into attack the new toy mode. Despite these many obstacles, Vati is 14 inches, tip of head to base of tail and Asha is about 12.5-13 inches (though she was quite fidgety and so exact measurement is not available this week). At least this way I can track growth.

Sweet babies under the cut )


Sep. 4th, 2006 04:06 pm
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loves flist!

If there is one or more people on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
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Step Up was pretty good. I am glad I saw the film. I certainly like the message. I went to a performing arts college (I was a music major) and had a lot of sympathy for the "pull yourself out of the bad place through artistic talent" plot. The music was interesting and the dancers were very pleasant to watch. The interracial interaction and diversity was also a big plus. The niece loved every moment of it, especially every moment with the lead dancer shaking his groove thing on screen, even when she was shivering in the theater.

(Do teenagers just run cooler? She gets chilled very easily. I'm sweating and hot and generally experiencing summer and she's got on a little jacket and acts like it's nearly winter. It's as though we're side by side in completely different climates.)

Shopping today was mostly a success -- no swimsuit but all the other items on the list were found with a minimum of damage to my bank account (but this is only day 1) and a great deal of entertainment for her. We only got through about half the stores she wanted to visit, though, and my feet were practically swollen. I was dragging along behind her, yawning, as she zipped from store to store. I have renewed sympathy for parents of teenagers. Tomorrow we're off to California Science Center because, as the niece said, what isn't great about science.
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I know that maybe three people on my flist are watching Rock Star: Supernova but still I will cut for spoilers. whoa! what a lot of woe )
In other news, my 16 year old niece is here which should be a blast! I'm a little lost in the maze that is life with an adolscent though I am geared up for Step Up and Material Girls this week. Look for a My Life With Hilary Duff post coming to this lj soon! Also Pirates and possibly Superman. In addition we're planning trips to the beach and maybe the California Science center.

Tomorrow, shopping! With a side of makeup! And possibly pedicures.

If you're going to gloat, please do be discreet, if you care for me at all.
If you care for me very much, you might volunteer to spend a day at Magic Mountain. *blinks hopefully at flist*

Ok, that's too much to ask. Some story recs would be good. Please?
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For the first time ever in my computer life, I spilled coffee in my keyboard. My beautiful, loved, comfortable to type on, ergo-keyboard. In its post-coffee resurrection when I typed an l it displayed kop90)*. Woe.

So last night, after the memorial service, I went to CompGlomerate which is now actually a subsidiary of MicroGlomerate. The only ergo keyboards they had were wireless keyboards with a mouse for $100. $100? For a keyboard?!? WTF?? I am apparently too cheap to embrace the joy of a wireless keyboard. The cheaper ones were old-school or this fake ergo keyboard that's "curved for comfort." More woe. All of the keyboards in that store were made by MicroGlomerate. After stomping around the store fuming, I resentfully purchased the curved for comfort keyboard. Because I had walked down there (35 min walk) thinking it was good exercise, healthy-cakes, yadda yadda, I couldn't just run to another Glomerate, like OfficeGlomerate to get a different keyboard. Also, I needed to be able to use my computer this weekend and wanted to get the shopping part out of the way. And continuing in the woe category, I won't be able to get to a computer show until October, based on my travel schedule, the show schedule, and the LA county fair, which runs for ever and circumvents the computer show for 6 weeks or so. Wah! Fake ergo-ness for 6 weeks. Wah.

Coffee, that elixir of joy, should not bring woe. (Experiments that should be conducted by a responsible professional: would diet have the same effect when spilled in a key board? What about iced-tea?)

An important result is that I have located and am now using my CoffeeGlomerate thermal mugs and their lids when I drink coffee, pop, tea or water at my computer. I can learn, I'm just a little slow.
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There are some events I meant to write about at the time but was too mellow to actually do the work. So, even though we are home and sweltering in the heat and humidity (humidity here! what horror!) I give you some more shots of Hawaii.

We did go to the turtle beach. It was the only beach that actually smelled like a beach. It was swamped with people and with good reason. there were many turtles that day )
We have named this vacation The Turtle Vacation. From the first day we went snorkeling in Waimea Bay we saw turtles in the wild. They are truly magnificent sea creatures and can swim really fast. I tried to follow one but she left me in the surf after a while. Really cool to see. Everytime I saw one I was thrilled.
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We have been having some adventures, though none involving sea turtles, sadly. I have been catching up on important things, like napping, reading novels, trying new exotic drinks. You know, vacation stuff. Tommy Lee Jones has learned new tricks for waking me up at 6:30 to feed him. I have learned to sleep through most of those tricks. There was a dramatic rainstorm the other day and we got soaked in about 15 seconds. The water fell in sheets and just saturated the world. Then the rain stopped as suddenly as it began. The saying "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes" has some potency here in Hawaii. The clouds move so fast that in the course of the morning, there's an overcast day, a rainy day, a bright sunny day and a sweltering, drizzly day. All before noon.

Rwr and I did go looking for Lost beaches. looking for lost in all the right places )

Today's plan involves swimming around in the bathtub.our little snorkel paradise )
Then, if we have the energy, maybe going to the turtle beach to see if we can see the "swarms of turtles" that allegedly hang out there. We'll return to our quest for Lost tomorrow (probably).
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I am very dedicated to the ocean. It is my favorite place to be, I love to swim, snorkel and boogie-board. Here on O'ahu I have been the model ocean devotee. But I have also been captivated by the cliffs that span the middle of the island. I have taken about six thousand pictures of them (and about ten thousand pictures of the ocean) trying to capture some sliver of their magnificence. I am failing but every time I see these cliffs I am just amazed by their grandeur and dramatic beauty. I feel like I can see some glimmer of the origin of the island in these cliffs, with their dramatic ravines and sharp points.

cut for size and that's only a fraction of the size these cliffs are in person )

I have learned that neither coffee nor pineapples are indigenous to Hawaii and I am both shocked and to a certain extent disappointed in myself for not realizing that might be the case. Sometimes I am blind to the scope of the colonial enterprise and the ways that colonialism remade the eco-systems of the world. I get involved in trying to imagine what Hawaii was like in the 1700s and then stumble over how difficult that is. When I get home, I am going to dedicate some time to finding prints and woodcuts of Hawaii (and Mexico, of course, because in the end I will find a way to relate this to my research interests in colonialism) to see what kinds of differences I can glean from those images. Sometimes it's like creation was yesterday and other times it's clear that we are far far away from the origin of any part of the world. Perhaps a trip to the Galapagos Islands is in the near future.

I hear the shrimp truck song in the background, drowning out the neighbor's Iz CD that's been on repeat since about 7 this morning. Off to lunch before Rwr loses his voice.
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Snorkeling is my new favorite thing to do. There aren't really any waves to speak of, more like the ocean makes little watery sighs that push gently toward the shore and eventually expell on the beach in a small, soft sploosh of surf. But this matters not at all because -- cue music -- Under the Sea is this amazing abundance of fishes!
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
For example, I saw seen -- up close! near my own eyes! -- these fishes.

Orangespine Unicorn fish

Kihikihi Moorish Idol fish

Manini Convict Tang

Orangeband Surgeonfish

And last but certainly not least, White Spotted Sea Cucumber

I also saw a parrotfish and a fish called anela-ia (maybe aka Potter's Angelfish) but I can't be certain so I have to go look again. I couldn't find pictures of those fishes that match either my memory or the waterproof card of Hawaiian reef creatures that I bought yesterday to aid in describing what I saw to Rwr and anyone else who would listen!

I also found a fantastic hat, that even fits my fluffy-haired head. Great gifts from the menehune.

However, remember those figures I described a week or so ago that were on a small island off the point, visible from the bathtub beach? They are gone.

Gone, I say. Rwr thinks I maybe made them up because he never saw them and finds it unbelievable that mythical creatures would move them after the solstice. I, however, think they were there to greet the sun back and now are somewhere on the west side of the island bidding the sun farewell until the next solstice when they'll be moved back to the east. I am sad that I didn't hike back up there and take a picture. I got so caught up in the turtles and fishes that I forgot about some of the world above the sea.

*Menehune are a race who live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian islands. The menehune were said to be superb craftsmen who built many temples and fishponds on the islands.

**Apologies for any ear worms that result from the disney infection above.
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Yesterday's adventure involved a trip to Taste of Honolulu, a fantastic grazing festival. This was an amazing collection of snacks (pupu) and samples of main dishes from many Honolulu restaurants, both small and large. We had some pretty fantastic gnosh and heard some interesting music, too, before we had to hop on our bus for home (we are very conscientious about being early for the bus now). The artist was Raiatea Helm -- Hot Hawaiian Nights and it was grooving music to eat by. People brought blankets and staked out places on the lawn. Then they sent someone from their group to collect food for them while they held the place. This looked like a good plan but I was too "ooh, look over there" to sit still. Also, my sarong is not really a great picnic blanket. It was clear though that people were going to make an evening of it rather than just graze around like we did.

While we were there, we saw that Taste of Honolulu has something for everyone even beings from a galaxy far, far away )

Shout out to [ profile] melodymuse -- You would have loved it! There was one more shot, with their "give us the fantastic dome of caramel mousse with banana feuillantine cookie with vanilla sauce and no one gets hurt hostages" hostages )

The food was fantastic. Some faves were the Ancho Chile Rubbed Shrimp with Lemongrass Coconut Risotto and Mango Fries from Top of Waikiki. This truly demonstrated that a yummy thing -- in this instance, mangoes -- are even yummier fried! And the risotto was so fabulous that I was temped to get another except there was too much else to try. Also interesting was the Kiawe Smoked Kalua Pork Sliders Pupu Sandwich from Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant. The sandwich was actually purple, which is pretty cool looking in addition to tasting very delightful. We shared everything, thinking that then we could eat more. This was a good strategy. We would run into people eating interesting things and say "where did that come from?" and people did the same to us, it was quite fun.

I highly recommended planning vacations around eating festivals! Now I have to go snorkel off the spring rolls and mousse. Maybe there will be more turtles.
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Because the tides have been somewhat the opposite of primary waking hours, snorkeling in the bathtub has been limited. Yesterday, just to have some practice, we went to Waimea Bay. This is one of the most ferocious places on the North Shore during the winter and basically an inland lake during the summer. It seemed like a pretty good place to try out the gear and set of sense of snorkeling. So, after a Shrimp Truck lunch (yum!) we hopped off the bus at Waimea Bay. There we snorkeled for about 2 hours, spending about 1 hour of that time watching 2 or 3 green sea turtles feeding on the reef. They eat algae. One swam right toward me, which amounted in me squealing into my snorkel, which is a weird sound effect. The squeal had no effect on the turtles. This was a peak experience, so very cool. The turtles were completely oblivious to the other snorkelers, the swimmers, and the crazy young people jumping off the rocks just a few feet away from the reef. This site Waimea Bay Beach Park has a great shot of the bay looking pretty much like it did yesterday but without the swarms of people. That huge rock formation at the bottom of the picture is where the kids were jumping off.
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Yesterday we returned the rental car. It was nice to have a car and we did much exploring -- however, it was nicer to return it and not have the hassle or worry. While we had the car we did some serious driving. We circumnavigated the island, with a lingering exploration of the leeward side. There we saw Kaneana Cave (spooky) and swam at the lovely Makaha beach park. The waves on the leeward side were quite a bit calmer than on either the north shore or the windward side. )

The cave looked much like caves do in photos -- rocky and dark. if you weren't looking for it you wouldn't see it ) There wasn't much breeze on the leeward side, so the 10 degree temperature change inside the cave provided some welcome relief from the heat. More about beaches in an upcoming post.

We have had several encounters with other people here in Hawaii. First, we met a woman on our beach who offered us steaks, rum, and marshmallows that she and her family weren't going to be able to eat before they left. When she turned up she gave us a huge box. The box had many treasures in it, including some graham crackers and some TGIF peaches and cream drink mixer. It was very kind of her. She had been sick for 6 of the 10 days she was in Hawaii and was ok with going home. She even apologized for the lack of chocolate for smores because, she said, her kids ate it all when she was sick. It was very sweet.

The second encounter of great kindness was at Jackie's Kitchen. Here we met Mapuana who is a very sweet young woman who is moving to LA in August. She met Jackie a few years ago at the opening and postponed her move to LA because Jackie and Owen Wilson are coming to inaugurate the opening of a new Jackie's Kitchen menu. As a result of these menu changes, Jackie's Kitchen was out of all souvenirs, which made me quite sad. Mapuana "made it up" to me by giving us a very yummy desert and telling me about her encounter with Jackie. She said that he is as wonderful as he seems. So we chatted with Mapuana for a while and then asked her about her plans in LA. She's very excited to be moving and expanding her horizons. I gave her my email and phone number to help out once she arrives and I hope she calls. She was sweet and thoughtful and delightful to talk to. The restaurant has TV screens playing a Jackie movie at all times. While we were there Operation Condor II was playing. I had a great time even without a Jackie's Kitchen T-shirt.

Last night we went to Turtle Bay to have dinner. We took the bus at about 7:30 and went to the Bay Club happy hour. There we had many different drinks and some yummy food. After eating, we walked along the beach and shuffled along in the surf, slowly working our way to the bus stop. There we sat for about 45 minutes and finally a bus arrived. We had read on that the bus ran until midnight and it wasn't even 11 so we felt confident of our ability to get home via bus. That confidence was greatly misplaced. This bus driver told us the last bus going our way left at 10 and there were no more until tomorrow morning at 5:30. This was a bit distressing. I went to the security guard to confirm what the bus driver said and she suggested asking an employee for a ride. A taxi would have to come from Honolulu and would cost between $60 and $80, which didn't really fit into the budget. Still. Rwr was unwilling to consider sleeping on the beach, so up to the hotel we staggered, increasingly sober and distressed. Once there, I told our tale of woe to the concierge and his friend. The friend said "I"m going that way." I offered him some money for taking us, extremely grateful for his kindness. We went to his truck. There things were slightly awkward -- he seemed very uncomfortable with us in the cab with him, perhaps he was concerned we were going to try to convert him to Mormonism (though, remember, we were still a little drunk), so Rwr and I wound up riding in the back of the pickup. (This is something we haven't done since a similar transportation disaster in Chichen Itza. There we rode in a truck with a dozen well-armed Federales and a handful of indigenous workers on the dark highway back to our hotel. Return trips are clearly our planning weakness.) Our kind saviour took us to the PCC and we walked the few feet back to the house, extremely grateful for his kindness and generousity. In the end he didn't take any money, though we would gladly have paid for his time and trouble.

So, last night we were able to sleep peacefully in our bed rather than restlessly on the beach at Turtle Bay. The adventures continue. :-)
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Yesterday I took a long walk up to the point and then around BYU's Hawaii campus. I even went in their "bookstore" which is really pretty much a "Mormon Book Store" rather than a general university book store. It was pretty fascinating. I didn't browse for long, as I have no Mormon credentials and I was worried I'd be identified as An Intruder. For the nature portion of the walk I didn't take my camera, so no pictures today (at least of those wonderful vistas). I wish I would have had the camera for the beaches and the waves breaking on the point. The view at the point is quite incredible and changes with the tides and the position of the sun. I am looking forward to a sunrise walk to the point. There are two stone figures on one of the tiny islands off the point and I would like to see how they look in the morning sun.

My charge for this holiday is Tommy Lee Jones, Lord and Ruler of All He Surveys. He is a very sweet and talkative kitty, who enjoys demanding affection in-between bites of his breakfast. The first morning after M and K left he had no interest in food, me or anything I might have to offer, and rejected his food without even a sniff. By the first evening though, he grudgingly ate a few bites. I did some coaxing to try to get him to eat more but he ignored me, preferring his bed to the food I had on offer. By the next morning, though, he was hungry enough to actually eat his breakfast. Yesterday marked a real turning point and now we have a morning pattern. (This is the second day, so I know I'm stretching the idea of "pattern" since a pattern probably requires more than 2 instances, but work with me here.) He runs up to me first thing in the morning, chatting and dancing around my feet and then falls on his food as though he has been starved for weeks. Then, after inhaling a few bites, he winds himself around me (I usually sit on the stairs and have a cup of iced coffee while he eats), purring loudly and making less demanding but still commanding noises to be petted, RIGHT NOW. After a few strokes, he's off to eat again. This pattern is repeated until the food is nearly depleted. If there are some small clumps of food remaining, he looks up at me and mews piteously until I push the small clumps into a somewhat more bite-sized clump. This pattern also repeats until the food is gone. He cleans his face and flops down beside me for more petting and general love, until such time as he has had enough (or I've had 2 cups of coffee). Then he's off to his "house" or his favorite chair until later, when he hopes he can con me out of a snack. He's got a pretty high success rate, too.

Tommy Lee Jones and a Display of the Belly of Love )

Two nights ago Tommy demonstrated his prowess as a mighty hunter and caught what I think was a small mouse. At first he was excited to show me his treasure but when it appeared to him that I was interested in rescuing his prize, he tossed it as far as he could, ran after it and disappeared. I didn't see Tommy or his toy again that night. He didn't come out for his dinner that night, either. Poor mousie.

He's a very sweet cat, affectionate, too, as long as the forbidden areas, such as the belly, remain unmolested. But if one should accidentally attempt to pet the belly, so tantalizingly offered, one is likely to lose a bit of flesh to Tommy's sharp claws. What deity doesn't demand a little blood offering every now and again?


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