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Yesterday's adventure involved a trip to Taste of Honolulu, a fantastic grazing festival. This was an amazing collection of snacks (pupu) and samples of main dishes from many Honolulu restaurants, both small and large. We had some pretty fantastic gnosh and heard some interesting music, too, before we had to hop on our bus for home (we are very conscientious about being early for the bus now). The artist was Raiatea Helm -- Hot Hawaiian Nights and it was grooving music to eat by. People brought blankets and staked out places on the lawn. Then they sent someone from their group to collect food for them while they held the place. This looked like a good plan but I was too "ooh, look over there" to sit still. Also, my sarong is not really a great picnic blanket. It was clear though that people were going to make an evening of it rather than just graze around like we did.

While we were there, we saw that Taste of Honolulu has something for everyone even beings from a galaxy far, far away )

Shout out to [ profile] melodymuse -- You would have loved it! There was one more shot, with their "give us the fantastic dome of caramel mousse with banana feuillantine cookie with vanilla sauce and no one gets hurt hostages" hostages )

The food was fantastic. Some faves were the Ancho Chile Rubbed Shrimp with Lemongrass Coconut Risotto and Mango Fries from Top of Waikiki. This truly demonstrated that a yummy thing -- in this instance, mangoes -- are even yummier fried! And the risotto was so fabulous that I was temped to get another except there was too much else to try. Also interesting was the Kiawe Smoked Kalua Pork Sliders Pupu Sandwich from Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant. The sandwich was actually purple, which is pretty cool looking in addition to tasting very delightful. We shared everything, thinking that then we could eat more. This was a good strategy. We would run into people eating interesting things and say "where did that come from?" and people did the same to us, it was quite fun.

I highly recommended planning vacations around eating festivals! Now I have to go snorkel off the spring rolls and mousse. Maybe there will be more turtles.


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