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For the first time ever in my computer life, I spilled coffee in my keyboard. My beautiful, loved, comfortable to type on, ergo-keyboard. In its post-coffee resurrection when I typed an l it displayed kop90)*. Woe.

So last night, after the memorial service, I went to CompGlomerate which is now actually a subsidiary of MicroGlomerate. The only ergo keyboards they had were wireless keyboards with a mouse for $100. $100? For a keyboard?!? WTF?? I am apparently too cheap to embrace the joy of a wireless keyboard. The cheaper ones were old-school or this fake ergo keyboard that's "curved for comfort." More woe. All of the keyboards in that store were made by MicroGlomerate. After stomping around the store fuming, I resentfully purchased the curved for comfort keyboard. Because I had walked down there (35 min walk) thinking it was good exercise, healthy-cakes, yadda yadda, I couldn't just run to another Glomerate, like OfficeGlomerate to get a different keyboard. Also, I needed to be able to use my computer this weekend and wanted to get the shopping part out of the way. And continuing in the woe category, I won't be able to get to a computer show until October, based on my travel schedule, the show schedule, and the LA county fair, which runs for ever and circumvents the computer show for 6 weeks or so. Wah! Fake ergo-ness for 6 weeks. Wah.

Coffee, that elixir of joy, should not bring woe. (Experiments that should be conducted by a responsible professional: would diet have the same effect when spilled in a key board? What about iced-tea?)

An important result is that I have located and am now using my CoffeeGlomerate thermal mugs and their lids when I drink coffee, pop, tea or water at my computer. I can learn, I'm just a little slow.


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