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I'm off to my professional association meeting. It's going to be very hectic this year. The upside is seeing many old friends and colleagues. The downside is a bunch of frantic professional activity, including 4 preliminary interviews with possible employers. Success at these interview means a campus visit -- an even longer interview. My goal is to avoid saying anything stupid, which means I have to avoid trying to be funny. If I can make a good impression, maybe I could get a campus interview. It would be good experience.

Nerves, precious, we hates them.

I'm going to try to write my 100 daily words for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo. I've missed a couple of days because of frantic insanity but have mostly been diligently working on my original fiction project. I'm writing structural stuff for the world I want to build, using Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell as a guide. His thought and writing exercises have really helped me when I get stuck.

I have arranged care and entertainment for the feline contingent.
growing up fast )

Meg is going to do kitty duty (dooty) and make sure the place doesn't get bulldozed while we're away. If only I had Hiro's superpower, then my life would be more complicated but also much cooler.

And speaking of Heroes (my new favorite show) Comic Book Resources is talking with the writing team at Heroes every week. If you're into that kind of thing (podcasts with show runners, what the writers are thinking/hoping their story is about) then it's interesting. I skim because I fear spoilers.

Also, Happy Feet opens Friday. Yay!!!


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