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There are many things I should have posted in the past month. March, while seemingly a normal 31 day month, was simultaneously too long and too short. I am amazed by my own state of over-whelmed. I am going to start April off on the right foot (or in my left-centric case, the left foot) and sing some praises of my fantastic friends.

First, I want sing praises of my dear, fantabulous, talented, clever, generous and all-around super friend [ profile] melodymuse. Melody has been making a video blog for BSG called Galactica Viper Pilot. She's put her vids all up on YouTube here. You should watch all her terrific episodes and then go to and see her entry in the Battlestar Galatica Videomaker competition. Her work is outstanding! She's got an ear for the tone of the series and a knack for choosing perfect music for each segment. I am so lucky to be friends with such a talented and delightful person.

The second set of praises I want to sing out is for my far away friend [ profile] therienne. Her vigilant research about the pet food tragedy of the past week or so has been a real service to all the pet lovers on her flist. Her collection of links and information really helped me 1) calm down and 2) make good decisions about changing Asha and Vahti's food. My petfood company said they were "not involved" but they use Menu Foods and, I learned from [ profile] therienne's links and not from their website, they are owned by Purina. The links she provides have terrific information about pet food contents and the process of making pet food, especially The Pet Food List. There are several different companies that I found intriguing and went looking for their food. Some are in Canada and only available by mail order and I'll try one of them if the local brand turns out to be unpalatable for my feline companions. Yesterday we began the painful transition (we hates changes, even if they're good for us, we hates them) from one food to another. The new food, Felidae is made from human quality meat with no wheat gluten. I now know what an "obligate carnivore" is and, while they are not the happiest obligate carnivores around, they are eating better food. I so appreciate having [ profile] therienne as a resource and a friend.

There's more but since I am vowing to post more, I shall wait and post more tomorrow (cross your fingers).


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