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Step Up was pretty good. I am glad I saw the film. I certainly like the message. I went to a performing arts college (I was a music major) and had a lot of sympathy for the "pull yourself out of the bad place through artistic talent" plot. The music was interesting and the dancers were very pleasant to watch. The interracial interaction and diversity was also a big plus. The niece loved every moment of it, especially every moment with the lead dancer shaking his groove thing on screen, even when she was shivering in the theater.

(Do teenagers just run cooler? She gets chilled very easily. I'm sweating and hot and generally experiencing summer and she's got on a little jacket and acts like it's nearly winter. It's as though we're side by side in completely different climates.)

Shopping today was mostly a success -- no swimsuit but all the other items on the list were found with a minimum of damage to my bank account (but this is only day 1) and a great deal of entertainment for her. We only got through about half the stores she wanted to visit, though, and my feet were practically swollen. I was dragging along behind her, yawning, as she zipped from store to store. I have renewed sympathy for parents of teenagers. Tomorrow we're off to California Science Center because, as the niece said, what isn't great about science.


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