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So I read that when one is trying to develop a practice, embrace an exercise, a daily discipline, one should just make oneself do the thing, even if the inspiration is sorely lacking. So here I am, with nothing to say, making myself write for 30 minutes.

so, with that scintillating introduction, I cut away for today's 30 minute of written effort )
I have been reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi thanks to [ profile] melodymuse. I am going to use this in my religious biography class this coming quarter, in another experiment with graphic novels interspersed with more "academic" texts. This book has taught me a great deal about Iran that I did not know and through an extremely moving narrative. The second volume is even more provocative and intriguing Persepolis 2. I am inspired to learn more about Iran and have purchased Reading Lolita in Tehran to supplement the class. More and more I feel like I need to take classes and am trying to use my classes to teach myself as well as my students. What I hope is that my excitement about learning new stuff along with them will be an enhancement to their experience rather than a detraction from the material. I am less certain of that as a pedagogical strategy, at least on the undergraduate level, but at this point in my particular circumstances at UCDustbowl, I think I can afford the risk. I am curious to see what next quarter will teach me on that particular question.

If you've read any really great graphic novels, dear flist, I would love the recs. I'm not certain about my employment situation for next year yet, but I'd like to stack up some reading that could "swing both ways" as it were, for my education as well as my (potential) students.

Also, send Ronon recs.
And the beeps of ending have beeped.
Another day, another 30 minutes.


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