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A thanksgiving

by Ursula K. Le Guin

Those who stood at Standing Rock
show us how the rocks stand
so that only earth itself can move them,
so that they move with earth,
dancing earth’s dance with sky
so their shadows tell the years.

They show us that to stand in place,
standing in your rightful place,
is to go the right way,
going the way the earth goes.

Those who stood at Standing Rock
have shown us the way and blessed it.
A dark way we have to go
yet it is blessed in its beginning.
May it end rightly,
so that we stand with them there,
so that we dance with them there
where they stood for us at Standing Rock.

—Ursula K. Le Guin
4-5 December 2016
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Finally, I think the weather has calmed down and instead of 99+ degrees with 90% humidity, it's more like 85 degrees with 70% humidity. Suddenly I can breathe again. Autumn has come to the sub-tropics.

Nothing much is happening. My TIVO is set up and happily recording shows I have little time to watch. My roommate, a fabulous woman from Spain, is settling in, the semester goes the way all semesters do -- fits and starts. I don't do enough research. Blah-di-blah.

I miss fandom. I haven't hung out with fans in so long I can barely remember. I am somewhat fannish about shows but I don't know any media fans here. No one even really goes to the movies.

And so. Not dead, just busy doing nothing I can quantify. And missing my friends. That's all for now.

new digs

May. 3rd, 2009 10:28 am
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Hello there. I was rosawestphalen on lj but went from the more space friendly rosaw here on dreamwidth. AT this point I imagine some cross posting but until I figure out how this works, I'll still mostly play on lj but will read all my friends who have made the transition to the new space.
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So Happy Birthday to you, [ profile] melodymuse

Many happy returns of the day. I hope your celebration is joyous and filled with cupcakes, sunshine, and love!!!


Jun. 8th, 2008 12:09 pm
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My personality type: the dreamy idealist

I wish the test used either inclusive language in every paragraph or split the paragraphs between female and male normative rather than just using normative male. I am not a he. Beyond that, no news here just a new package for the same old INTP.
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Which Battlestar Galactica Character Are You?

In other news, tonight I saw 4 deer and 6 baby Canadian snow geese with their two adult goose parents. Who knew Jax was such a nature place!
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for [ profile] sherrold

You Are a Blue Flower

A blue flower tends to represent peace, openness, and balance.

At times, you are very delicate like a cornflower.

And at other times, you are wise like an iris.

And more than you wish, you're a little cold, like a blue hydrangea.

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Another personality test with no surprises, well except the 2.5% of the population sharing my personality type. INFP

INFPs are introspective, private, creative and highly idealistic individuals that have a constant desire to be on a meaningful path. They are driven by their values and seek peace. Empathetic and compassionate, they want to help others and humanity as a whole. INFPs are imaginative, artistic and often have a talent for language and writing. They can also be described as easygoing, selfless, guarded, adaptable, patient and loyal.

They leave out indecisive, impatient and prone to depression.

I have 1 million things I want to post about and am under a deadline this weekend. So, more posting later, during the next procrastination period. :-)
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Watching your news is simply devastating. I am thinking of you and hoping that you are safe and dry.
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This is a little surprising.

Read more... )
I hope I have a less messy fate.
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I've been in Jacksonville this weekend, looking for a place to live during the academic year. I found a cute little efficiency, furnished no less, in Jacksonville Beach. It's about 12 blocks (12 blocks!) from the ocean and the landlords are exceptionally nice. I can't move in for a couple of weeks which is ok because I'm going up to school today and then back to NC. Our stuff still isn't here from CA yet, though we hope tomorrow or the next day and then the gargantuan task of unpacking begins.

This weekend most of my known world was at comicon and I am looking forward to hearing all the updates and vicariously living through those lucky folks who were there. Special shout out to [ profile] melodymuse and [ profile] markcronan for text messages that kept a smile on my face all weekend!

I took this with my cell phone camera )
There's not tons of public art in Jax but there is some and I thought she was especially wonderful.

I promise more pix of everything soon, I need to find the cable for my camera. But I know I'll find it. Eventually.
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We are here in North Carolina, where it has been unseasonably cool. It was in the low 50s the other night! We brought only summer weight clothes and sheets, so we had to go to JC Penney to buy fleece blankets. There has been thunder, lightning and rain every day since we arrived. The weather is very dramatic and the temperture can change 20 degrees in less than an hour. It's a shock to our Angelo systems. The kitties are adjusting to thunder, though pretty much they hates it.

Our departure went well all because of the love and support we received from our beloved friends and family. We have the best friends and family on this entire planet. We would never have gotten out of the apartment, let alone on the plane, without their support and help. Meg, Susan, Mark, and Melody were there for all the painful decisions (and packing and cleaning and general support) and held our hands and made the transition possible. Rwr and I treasure the love and support we have been given.

Our kitties are fantastic travelers. They were excellent on the plane and through the entire TSA process. I was surprised at how good natured they were about traveling. They made very little noise, had no accidents, and took all the various vehicle changes with their faces pressed against their bags to see what was going to happen next. They were amazing. They'll probably regret that as they are driven from Florida to North Carolina and back over the next few years.

We have internet and cable. This is especially good because tomorrow is the premiere of Who Wants To Be A Superhero Season II and [ profile] melodymuse is on the show. DO NOT MISS IT!!! I am so excited to see the show.

There are other things to update about and to describe but I am too tired for more just now. Plus I have 10 days of my flist to catch up on!! I promise more, including pics of the place and the kitties, and the beautiful NC greens.
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I'm about to dismantle my computer for its trip to the new place, so this is my last post for a while. I'll see you all on the other side.

Comic Con

Jul. 9th, 2007 02:56 pm
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There is so much to see and do at comic con and this year is no exception.
Don't miss this exciting panel for Who Wants To Be A Superhero. My dear friend, [ profile] melodymuse is going to be discussing season 2. She's a contestant. It's so exciting. Go and cheer for her!!!

Saturday 7/28 10:30-11:30 Who Wants to Be a Superhero?—SCI FI Channel has once again joined forces with Nash Entertainment (Meet My Folks, For Love or Money, Who Wants to Marry My Dad?) and legendary comic book creator Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment to present an all-new season of Who Wants to Be a Superhero? This year’s winner walks away with their superhero character immortalized in a new comic book from Dark Horse Comics created by Stan Lee himself and a Shocker Toy action figure! Panelists Stan Lee (star/executive producer), Andy Scheer (executive producer), Feedback (2006 winner), Hygena and Hyperstrike (both season 2 contestants), and Rob Swartz (VP, SCI FI alternative programming) talk about the second season. Room 1AB

ant city

Jun. 27th, 2007 07:38 am
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Much of the area I currently live in is built on an ant hill. Really, it's more of a sprawling ant urban city populated billions of little ants. And right now there's a sign by my residence that says, in bold ant script for all the urban ants to see, "High-fat Kitten Food Buffet FREE." Ants flock to this buffet, and eat like kings. Or kittens.

Srsly. Am sick of ants, I think they eat more kitten food than the kittens.


Jun. 22nd, 2007 04:45 pm
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Today was spent on a new windshield and sundry other small fixes for the bug. She's been detailed, waxed, polished and had an interior make-over. I'm even more sad than I was yesterday. I will miss that car. Aren't I a material girl?

The rest of today has been spent cleaning out my WC office. Many of those books are going straight to my office at UNF and now the place is echoing with the sounds of my typing this post. How odd. I have learned so much here and while I am eager for the next chapter this transition is so sad.
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I wanted to post some pictures from NC that I was unable to post because of lj's great haiku celebration where I was only able to post 3 lines of text from my computer in NC.

it's a very pretty state )

More as time allows. It's nice to take a break from packing to read lj and post.
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It's hot, which I like pretty much, and my apartment is a disaster, which I don't like so much. However, my grades are all submitted, all the letters of rec are written, and I got good email and good snail mail today, in terms of my professional life. So, all in all, pretty much an ok day.

Packing remains to be done, of course, and preparing to sell my bug. I love my bug and will miss it. I have been dragging my feet about getting it cleaned up for sale but now the time is here. I must go into the world and find someone to make it even more beautiful than it is.

In the good category -- National Geographic has podcasts.
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Finding a living situation has been a bit challenging. There are few
apartments and no complexes like there are in LA. The few apartments are
geared toward students. There are loads of condos and duplexes but they
don't want to rent to people with pets. At first we just said "ok, thanks"
and moved down the list but that list got very short after only a little
while so now rwr is being more cajoling about how our kitties are just
sweet, indoor, fixed, harmless, furry sleeping things that would never harm
a screen or floor. Tomorrow we have three more places to view. The ones
today were either too far from town (really, seriously out in the country)
or too dark. The dark one was a basement type apartment with a very
interested and involved landlady. But it was so dark and deary in the
basement. On Monday we have two more, so I'm still optimistic that we can
find something without having to buy a condo in order to have our kitties
live in NC.
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We had dinner with the department chair and it was fun. He and his spouse and their daughter were delightful hosts and the meal was spectacular. The chair was very genuine and compassion about our situation and how excited he is that rwr took the position. It makes me happy to see rwr appreciated for his talents and gifts. I'm proud of him and happy for his new situation here.


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