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Snorkeling is my new favorite thing to do. There aren't really any waves to speak of, more like the ocean makes little watery sighs that push gently toward the shore and eventually expell on the beach in a small, soft sploosh of surf. But this matters not at all because -- cue music -- Under the Sea is this amazing abundance of fishes!
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
For example, I saw seen -- up close! near my own eyes! -- these fishes.

Orangespine Unicorn fish

Kihikihi Moorish Idol fish

Manini Convict Tang

Orangeband Surgeonfish

And last but certainly not least, White Spotted Sea Cucumber

I also saw a parrotfish and a fish called anela-ia (maybe aka Potter's Angelfish) but I can't be certain so I have to go look again. I couldn't find pictures of those fishes that match either my memory or the waterproof card of Hawaiian reef creatures that I bought yesterday to aid in describing what I saw to Rwr and anyone else who would listen!

I also found a fantastic hat, that even fits my fluffy-haired head. Great gifts from the menehune.

However, remember those figures I described a week or so ago that were on a small island off the point, visible from the bathtub beach? They are gone.

Gone, I say. Rwr thinks I maybe made them up because he never saw them and finds it unbelievable that mythical creatures would move them after the solstice. I, however, think they were there to greet the sun back and now are somewhere on the west side of the island bidding the sun farewell until the next solstice when they'll be moved back to the east. I am sad that I didn't hike back up there and take a picture. I got so caught up in the turtles and fishes that I forgot about some of the world above the sea.

*Menehune are a race who live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian islands. The menehune were said to be superb craftsmen who built many temples and fishponds on the islands.

**Apologies for any ear worms that result from the disney infection above.
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