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I think I might never come home, this is such a lovely place. This morning I saw a very tiny gecko, no longer than my pinkie, sitting at my door as if to say "got any fresh little bugs for me this morning?" I didn't have any bugs and she ran away quickly but not before I noticed that her tail curved a bit to the right. I hope that's not because I closed her in the screen door last night. Perhaps that expectant look was more "hey, that hurt!" rather than "feed me." The Secret Language of Geckos still eludes me, perhaps with more exposure to her delicate features I will become more adept.

I am adjusting to relaxing (I know this is mock-worthy). I have been twitchy and restless, which is my MO when summer first starts. Also, I keep wondering about my dissertation, which is, well, done and so that's this weird little realization every few hours. This is the first summer without the diss in 6 years. It was an act of will to sit still to read 1 chapter of my latest novel (Beggars and Choosers by Nancy Kress). The book is interesting and I like her story-telling style but I have a sort of PTSD at the beginning of vacations that makes just sitting something of a challenge. After I post this, I'm going down to the beach to see if I can see any more little crabs on the rocks. Yesterday morning they were everywhere in that way that the beetles were everywhere in The Mummy and I was too stunned to take any pictures. They skittered away before I could get too close. The perfect scenario to experiment with the closeup feature on my digital camera. This morning I will be prepared!

I am going to friendslock this journal when I post pictures so that my secret identity may remain secret. If you're interested and I've failed to friend you because I am a bit of an idiot, let me know and I'll do so. You'll just sign the standard disclaimer that promises not to reveal my identity under penalty of tickle torture.


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